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Every home would require renovation at some point in its lifetime. We at Jodabi consider every renovation project a bespoke renovation. We know what our clients want their homes to be – suit their lifestyle, entertain, or be a family home, but how do they make that dream a reality?

We understand the hassle of selecting an expert to remodel your home, which usually involves extensive internet research, including browsing through several online reviews, evaluating portfolios, requesting quotes, amongst others. And all this while trying to understand what the process and budget required.

Our team of experts have proven experience in offering full-scale renovation services to our clients. Through Jodabi, you will have access to the best materials and industry professionals, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality. Our track record of renovating several homes over the years only makes sense to choose Jodabi for your next renovation and we will lead you through the various stages that go into making your bespoke home.


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Renovation Process

1. Consultation

The first step in a Jodabi renovation process is for our team to schedule a walkthrough of the proposed site and engage the client to get a good idea of what their needs are. These meetings usually last between 1-2 hours. We generally cover a lot of ground in this meeting - everything from floor plans and space planning, to identifying your personal style (We help you put into words what you are ideally trying to accomplish), to budget expectations - and there is always a healthy education .

2. Conceptualization

The key to the success of any project is ensuring that the finished product is an authentic reflection of our client’s needs and wants. This phase is where we help the client visualize the overall feel and flow of the finished space, with 3D rendering images of rooms and details we want to incorporate into each area. This allows for all parties to be on the same page and set proper expectations so we can start the detailed design process.

3. Estimate and Design

Our costing department will analyze the plan to accurately provide the renovation estimate. This will include you receiving both sketches, a 3D design rendering to make your design come to life.
When we finish creating the initial sketch for your project, we use cutting-edge modelling software to help you envision what your home will look like when renovated. Our 3D rendering software gives you a sneak peek of the end result of the design, allowing you to tweak different elements along the way.

4. Design Finalization and Presentation

We will work with you to finalize the design aspects. We will present our floor plans, elevations, concepts and/or renderings to illustrate the vision. This also includes choosing finishes such as tile, paint colours, and other small decisions, as well as some major ones like the deco or materials you are looking to use. This is a very collaborative stage and we invite our clients to give as much feedback as possible to ensure we are on the right page.

5. Final Estimate and Agreement

Once we are ready to begin we will take one last walk through and make any last minute changes or decisions that may need to occur before construction begins. 

6. Construction Begins

We facilitate all necessary onsite project management in coordination with the contractors and affiliated trades by utilizing the project management system to provide our clients with timely updates as well as videos and pictures of the current state of the project. Our project coordinators will attend regular site meetings to ensure the designs are being carried out to their exact specifications and that the project is progressing as planned.

7. Project Delivery

The construction of your home. This time will be dependent on the type of build. From breaking ground through to the final details – our team will keep a consistent line of communication open for questions and updates, starting with a weekly site meeting. Open This is the best part of our job. We conduct comprehensive PDI walkthroughs to ensure every detail has been completed before delivering the project to the client.

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